Storage Containers for sale

Squaredblue Containers stock both new storage containers for sale and used storage containers for sale.

New Storage Container for sale

New Storage Containers are very different from the used containers that are generally in circulation. Used Storage containers are normally up to 12 years old and have been around the world or the equivalent of the same a few times. New shipping containers have vents built into the side of the container as standard that allows for the circulation of fresh air which allows form the minimisation of condensation within the container. In addition, the locking mechanism will be at waist height which will make the unlocking of the storage container much better when it is placed on the ground. Lastly the floor in the storage container will be new and as such will not have the residue of any other previous shipment contaminating the floor.

Used Storage Container for sale.

Used Storage Containers for sale. By far the most common way of storing items is in a used shipping container. Used storage containers are generally 12 years old. They could of been around the world a few times transporting many different cargos.

The design has evolved over the years. Older storage containers or shipping containers do not have vents and the locking levers will be at the bottom of the container. As the container will not have any vents, it is possible that any items stored in the container will suffer from condensation if it is placed in the container damp.

Having the locking levers at the bottom of the container when it is on the truck is great for the truck driver but can be a pain when the container is placed on the floor. All of our used storage containers are wind and water proof and export worthy.
This is why when looking for storage containers for sale you have to consider a number of points.

Why Squaredblue Containers have storage container for sale.

In today’s age of building houses with less and less space for storage versus the fact that most items now are designed to last longer the need for storage is becoming paramount to most people. We find that whilst we get a lot of enquiries for shipping containers for sale we get more enquiries for Storage Containers for sale.

  • Storage Container for garden equipment.
  • Storage Container office equipment.
  • Storage container for household items.
  • Storage Container moving home.

There can be no doubt that the market for good quality new and used storage containers for sale is a growing market, this can be seen by the number of storage containers and shipping containers that can be seen on lorries travelling up and down the motorway. The limit to what can be placed in a storage container is only limited by your imagination.

Generally, the uses for the container will be dictated by the size of the items that you wish to place in your shipping container. Shipping containers or as they are sometimes known storage containers come in many sizes; 10ft storage containers, 20ft storage containers, 30ft storage containers and 40ft storage containers.

All shipping containers come with a hard ply wood floor that will cover the steel bottom of the storage container. This is important as the items that are to be stored in the storage container will be standing directly on the floor of the container unless a racking system is used. It should be noted that the floor of the container if it is a used container maybe contaminated with items that have previously been in the container, oil or similar.

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Delivery of a new storage container or delivery of a used storage container.

Once it has been decided that a storage container will satisfy your requirement a for safe and secure storage of your goods then the next question is how will it be delivered and can I get my storage container on my land or premises.

New storage containers or Used storage containers are both delivered in the same way by Hi-Ab lorry. We have a large stock of used storage containers for sale and new storage containers for sale from our depots throughout the country. We will require that a questionnaire is completed prior to delivery of the containers so that some thought is given to the process. The last thing that you want is an articulated lorry arriving and finding that the container cannot be delivered as the access area is blocked by overhead cables or similar.

Storage containers for sale

Used storage containers can be stacked aswell