Shipping Containers for Farming and Agriculture

SquaredBlue Containers are very proud of our connection with the farming community and the relationship that we have built up with farmers nationally by consistently providing safe and secure water tight containers for farming use. Our Shipping Containers for farming and Agriculture are delivered by Hi Ab or if the farmer has a tele handler they are delivered on a low loader.

Squaredblue Containers enjoy a good relationship with farmers as they invariably know what they want and where they want it placed and by when. This allows for the farmer to be able to make decisions on 20ft shipping containers or 40ft shipping containers that are either, new, CSC Plated or as is dependant on use.

Different types of container for Farming and Agriculture

We find that framers in essence require two types of shipping containers either CSC Plated secure containers for keeping farm machinery in, such as quads and other machinery that can be stolen. These containers are wind and water proof and  will ensure that the machinery kept inside is secure and dry.

As well as CSC plated containers we all so supply as is containers. These are containers that in effect have got to the end of their life and have holes in or are not so structurally secure but are fabulous for field use. These containers are great for storage of goods in the field. SquaredBlue Containers can supply shipping containers to fulfil any requirement on the farm.


We have also noted that we can save on shipping container delivery costs generally when delivering to farmers as they have the ability to be able to lift the containers from the back of lorries rather than the need for a Hi-Ab off load, and this saves money on transportation.

Shipping Containers for Farming and Agriculture

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