Shipping containers as site offices

Shipping containers are the best solution for mobile offices they are flexible and you can rely on them for years. You can have them configured in many ways, they can be climate controlled, open plan, individual office space or modern styles offices.

Shipping containers as offices allow you to have multiple floor plans, meeting and storage spaces in fact as many features as you like.
Shipping containers as site offices

Shipping Container Office

It will provide you with a practical  work space to work in a controlled and safe environment this is important on building sites etc. Shipping container offices are a turnkey solution; it is easy to set up and has a complete security system including steel personnel doors. In addition shipping container offices;

  • Help to expand the existing facilities and enhance your productivity even in the tough situations.
  • The shipping container office is weather proof and rodent proof.
  • The working environment will be comfortable because of the office grade finishing and heavy duty industrial manufacturing
  • No need for steps or ramps and you can easily get the electrical connection in shipping containers as site offices
  • Includes doors, window, outlets and lightening

Dual shipping containers as site offices

The 40ft shipping container as a dual office will be the perfect choice if you want two offices in the same secure and climate control environment. There is a sturdy wall between both the offices and so both of them will have their own systems for comfort and privacy. It has the following specifications.

  • Even in the tough environments, it will allow you to have the best working space.
  • It will enhance the efficiency and privacy for both working environments
  • The shipping containers conversion are durable and they have the best office finish
  • There are two steel doors, 4 windows, lighting, and outlets
  • Individual offices allow for better productivity

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Work and Store shipping containers as site offices

We also have a call for 40ft shipping containers that have been divided by a wall half way down that allows for the containers to be both an office and storage unit on site. This most useful for pole building houses an d requiring the need to have a work space and a secure space for storage of goods for the new house.

We can convert any shipping container into any type of storage or office space. If you have an idea in mind simply let us know and we will make it happen.

  • For the perfect utilization of the office site, it can be consolidated into an office and the storage space.
  • We make sure that the container fulfills the role that it is designed for whether that is a simple site office or a living space.
  • Shipping containers as a conversion ¬†is a good investment as the container is designed to withstand sea salt so a relatively easy life ashore ensure longevity.

Bottom line

For shipping containers as offices conversion, you have to make sure that you hire professionals or you can end up with a container that has just been butchered rather than converted. We have been working in this field for many years and so we have the team of experts that will provide you with the best advice and service.

All you have to do is let us know the type of office you want and your requirements or talk through your needs with us. Our experts will ensure to all your demands are met in a productive and affordable way. We have the most durable and long lasting shipping containers conversions available. If you need more information about our services or rates please call 07903 319053


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