Shipping Container Dividing Wall

Shipping Container Dividing Wall

The Insta shipping container dividing wall system that has become a huge hit with self-storage companies. It allows the division of 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers. By using this system it allows the conversion of one large container into two separate storage spaces secure from each other.

The Insta shipping container dividing wall requires no bolting or welding to the container. The system leaves absolutely no evidence of ever being installed once removed. This is very useful when the dividing wall needs to be moved to allow storage of abnormal products.

Installation takes less than twenty minutes and can be installed in almost any location within the container.

Shipping Container Dividing wall

shipping container dividing wall

When this product was first released it achieved a national and international recognition for design quality and purpose.

Specification of each bracket

  • 16 gage steel construction
  • 93″ x 44 1/4″ x 3″ per section
  • 130lbs / 54.43kgs
  • Powder coated in grey


  • Corrugated steel for added strength
  • 4 pressure fitted feet that fit between container wall corrugations
  • No bolting or welding required
  • No damage to container after removal

The dividing wall will be delivered directly to your site by the manufacturer. This will be a brand new divider that has not been used and will be pristine. The attached video shows how simple it is to install and then remove the dividing wall.

We find that a lot of construction companies use these dividers on tunnel containers. This allows for the use of one container for two separate purposes. One end of the container can store plant and tools and the other goods for site.

We are more than happy to discuss the various uses for these dividers and delivery lead times.

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