Secure Tack Storage

Why use a shipping container as secure tack storage. Equestrian yards are renowned for holding the very best quality saddles and equestrian equipment. Every horse owner wants to safely and securely store these expensive items. Shipping Containers are

  • Sturdy
  • Weather proof
  • Vermin proof
  • Very Secure
  • Spacious
  • Require no planning permission

At Squaredblue we find that the biggest single user of 20ft Shipping Containers and 40ft Shipping Containers is the Equestrian Industry. Secure Tack Storage is one of the biggest issues facing any yard. Saddles and associated horse paraphernalia are hugely expensive and deserving of the very best care. We have found that either a 20ft shipping container or a 40ft shipping container converted into a secure tack room by the addition of minor modifications is ideal for the job.

Secure Tack Storage – Venting

20ft shipping containers are by design sturdy and secure and capable of safely securing the contents. The structure of a shipping container used as secure tack storage allows for the contents to be kept dry and secure in almost any environment. In addition we have a range of shipping container vents that allow for the circulation of air so that if tack that has been cleaned and placed in the container it does not sweat. The shipping container venting for your secure tack storage can be either container vents that are built by design into new shipping containers or specific venting by the addition  of large or small vents. Please see our accessories for a full range of venting options.

Secure Tack Storage – Shelving

We also have a range of shelving that we can supply at the same time as your secure tack storage is delivered. The racking is very easy to instal and requires no drilling or welding. Inside each 20ft and 40ft container is lashing points. We have designed a system that allows these to be used to hang brackets from. This means that the secure tack storage will be able to secure the grooming kits and supplements whilst leaving the floor free for a saddle stands and feed bins.

secure tack storage

Secure tack storage shelving

Secure Tack Storage – Locking

The last and perhaps the most important thing to consider once you have placed the saddlery etc in the secure tack storage is how that is going to be kept safe. There are a number of options. we can supply a welded on lock box or a lock box that you fit yourself. these are in essence a shroud that goes over the padlock. You may have seen people previously reaching inside a cover to unlock doors, that is a lock box. We also as I am sure you would expect can supply heavy duty padlocks.



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