Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Refrigerated Shipping Containers or ‘reefer’ as they are known are available in 20Ft and 40Ft sizes.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers are used to control the inside temperature of the container between -25 Celsius to +25 Celsius on average and this allows for the transportation at constant temperature of the contents of the container.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers are most commonly used for the distribution of chilled and frozen food stuffs to wholesalers and supermarkets. As such the refrigeration units are at the core of the operational capabilities of the unit, should they fail the contents are at risk of perishing.

Our Refrigerated Shipping Containers are sold after they have been tested and inspected and a report prepared that will be supplied with the container giving you peace of mind that the refrigeration pack is performing as it should and not placing your temperature sensitive contents at risk. The report is in essence an MOT for the container, it shows that it is working properly and that you can rely in the unit.

We have staff that can assist in the placing and wiring of these units for the maximum benefit of your business.

Decommissioned Refrigerated Shipping Containers

We also sell containers where the refrigeration unit has been removed, this allows for the aperture to be blocked and the unit used as insulated shipping container. The benefit of this is that the unit lined and not simply having the corten steel showing. We have found that this insulation is something that equestrian customers like as it is good for feed storage. 

These Refrigerated Shipping Containers  are capable of being transported in exactly the same way as normal 40ft shipping containers and as such present no problem in being delivered by Hi Ab and placed exactly where you require them.

As always we would be happy to discuss your exact requirements so ensuring that you get the exact container you require when you require it.

Used Refrigerated Shipping Containers

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