How much does a 40Ft shipping container weigh

We are often asked how much does a 40ft shipping container weigh. The answer to this may not be as straight forward as you would first imagine. 40ft shipping containers come in different specifications, high cubes, tunnels, reefers etc. So when asked how much does a 40ft shipping container weigh, the correct answer is that a standard single ended 40ft shipping container made of Corten Steel weighs 3.8 tonnes and a 40ft high cube shipping container weighs 4.2 tonnes.

It should be noted that at the point of manufacture the shipping container will have a welded plate on the box that gives it TARE weight. The TARE weight of a container is its unladen weight, the weight of the empty container.

So perhaps the better answer to how much does a 40ft shipping container weigh would be to consider how much does a 20ft shipping container weigh as well, both empty and maximum payload capacity.

How much does an empty 40ft shipping container weigh?

  • 40Ft shipping container empty weight 3,750kg 8,267lbs
  • 40ft shipping container max gross weight 30,400kg 67,200Ibs

How much does an empty 20ft shipping container weigh?

  • 20ft shipping container empty weight 2,300kg 5,071Ibs
  • 20ft shipping container max gross weight 25,000kg 55,126Ibs

It should be noted that if you are looking at how much does a 40ft shipping container weigh or how much does a 20ft shipping container weigh, it might be because you are concerned about the suitability of where the container is going to be placed. Something that you must consider is that the vehicle that is going to deliver the container will weigh in its own right between 6 and 21 tonnes. As always give us a call, we have placed many heavy shipping containers and large shipping containers into difficult spaces and have the know how to make sure your delivery goes as you would expect.

Once you have determined that the shipping container can be delivered to the area that you require after taking in to account road weight restrictions etc it maybe that the container can be placed close to where the final resting place will be and that it can be moved using fork pockets or lifting chains. We are more than willing to assist in helping you place your container, we can utilise smaller vehicles, crawl boards and liaise with fork truck drivers to help with the final placing of your container.

Fork pockets positions on shipping containers are generally within the width of a fork truck reach unless the container was purpose built in the first instance for a separate task or indeed as most used containers over 5 years are they are not standard. Please check with us first that your container will have fork pockets and as such we can confirm how much does your 40ft shipping container weighs or how much does your 20ft shipping container weigh by confirming the TARE plate weight as well as if it has fork pockets. Please do get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you want when it comes to your container and the weight restrictions you may be facing and the best work around, if we cant place your container where you want it, no one can.

It is worth noting 40ft shipping containers generally do not have fork pockets whereas 20ft containers do and 40ft shipping containers if they do have pockets are only rated for empty lifts.

So all in all there is a lot to consider when working out how much does a 40ft shipping container weigh or how much does a 20ft shipping container weigh.

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