Domestic Container Storage

Squaredblue Containers pride ourselves on being able to provide all manner of domestic storage solutions. Domestic storage is a wide ranging, from commercial storage sites through to small 10Ft containers, garden shed containers to large 40FT High Cubes that are turned into home workshops.

Self storage sites are a booming in the UK and a number of sites are popping up around the country where businesses are charging for storage. These sites require CSC plated containers that are capable of storing goods safely and free from wind and water. Squaredblue Containers are instrumental in supplying containers to a number of these self storage businesses.

We also supply to individuals when it is very important that all factors are taken into account, for example there is little point in walking the client through the delivery process, i.e the size of the wagon that is going to deliver the containers the placing of the same, the need for a level surface if the container company has not talked through the routing of the lorry.

Squaredblue Containers work with clients to bring all matters to the attention of the client and haulage driver to ensure smooth and safe delivery, for instance, where are the over head telephone lines, are there tight turnings on the route, will neighbouring cars block access. Once all these factors have been taken into account Squaredblue can ensure that the delivery of our clients container can take place without a hitch.

Please call so that your individual needs can be discussed and a cost effective solution found.

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