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Squaredblue Containers have been working alongside some of the most prestigious names in construction and are the go to used container supplier for both large and small projects.

Squaredblue Containers understand that a project relies on getting the right shipping container to site at the right time. Some of the obstacles that need to be overcome when it comes to placing containers on site are the proximity of other buildings and how the containers will be placed or indeed stacked and the hardware to undertake that task.

We can supply containers that are ready to be used as site offices with everything from desks and chairs to simply on site tool storage.

For the larger contracts we will attend upon you to ensure that your exact requirements are catered for and undertake a site survey to ensure that the project proceeds as it should.

The shipping container is based at -=

Our shipping containers are held at a number of sites throughout the UK and we are adding to the number of locations on a monthly basis.

The shipping container yards are not places where it is possible to attend and look at an individual container. As can be seen form the attached images the yards hold numerous containers in stacks and when we sell containers it is the next off the stack.

The Health and safety Executive quite understandably would have kittens if numerous people were wandering around a container storage yard with 40Ft containers being lifted on and off stacks.

Our clients are very welcome to come to site and collect containers themselves however the lorry that collects the containers must have twist locks.

Once again please feel free to give us a call so that we can discuss your requirements.

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Multiple Colours Available

Lockbox Available

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