40ft Highcube Containers

40ft High Cube Shipping Containers are the largest containers available from Squared Blue. These containers are very versatile and are used in a variety of different businesses to fulfil storage and shipping requirements. The High Cube specification means that they are 9’6” high rather than 8’6” giving the added advantage of being able to get a small fork truck in the container to help with pallet moving.

They can be placed using a Hi Ab articulated lorry with a boom reach of up to 16 meters, however we would suggest that you give us a call to discuss your exact needs as these containers are large and some thought is required as to how best to manage the delivery and placement. As with all our containers these are fully CSC plated being both wind and water proof. This is your guarantee that the container will meet all export legislation and consequently be more than adequate for domestic storage within the UK.

40ft High Cube Containers

40ft high cube container for sale

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