20ft Shipping Container

When looking for a shipping container, 20ft Shipping Containers are considered the best value for money. 20ft shipping containers are small enough to be placed fairly easily by Hi Ab. Should you require two, the pair can be delivered on a single Hi Ab Articulated lorry saving costs on delivery. You have many options when considering on a 20ft shipping container. Whilst it is not a common 20ft shipping containers do come in High Cube and Side Opening variants.  We can supply you with containers of all sizes from all of  our UK depots. Our containers are export worthy and are wind and waterproof.  The 20ft shipping container can be delivered within 3 days or collected the next day from our UK depots.

20ft Shipping Container

New 20ft Shipping Container.

New 20ft shipping containers, or one trip containers, are shipping containers that are built in China and transported directly to the UK. New containers come with sleeves for fork truck access. This is an important point to note when you buy a container if you plan to move it around the yard. New 20ft containers also have 4 vents. These vents are situated within the fold of the corten steel and allow for air circulation. Air circulation within the New container will help to stop condensation. However, you should try to avoid putting wet items within the container. In addition to the fork sleeves and vents the 20ft shipping container will also have a welded on lock box. A lock box prevents easy access to the padlock and helps secure the container.

Used 20ft Shipping Container.

A Used 20ft Shipping Container will be a container that is between 8 and 12 years old. These containers are the containers that you will have seen if you have looked at images of container ships.  They are containers that have in essence been the workhorse of the shipping industry. They have been transported back and forth between Asian and Europe transport goods manufactured on the Asian continent. Whilst the container will be wind and waterproof and export worthy. It will have some rust and dings and dents. If you can imagine it has been off loaded from a ship many times and may then  have done a number of road miles. Having said all of the above, we sell by far more used 20ft shipping containers than  any other type of container. This is because they are a sturdy secure storage box that fulfills its role perfectly.

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