10ft Shipping Containers

10ft shipping containers are one of the unique products we offer. These containers are the ideal solution for your shipping and storage problems. Their versatility is unmatched and can be used for different shipping and storage needs. 10ft shipping containers are the smallest containers that Squared Blue supply. We do have numerous other options available but in this article we will look at the 10ft container.

10 ft shipping container

Features of the 10 feet shipping containers

High-quality. Our containers are made of Corten steel which offers the toughness and durability during shipping. This steel is resistant to corrosion and allows superb paint adhesion which ultimately protects the container for longer, whether at sea or used for storage in the UK.

Water-seals on the doors. This ensures that the goods inside the container remains dry. The seals are probably the singularly most important thing on the obtainer. The seals have to be in good condition and we have then specifically checked prior to delivery.

Standard doors. The doors on 10ft shipping containers open to allow ample space to load or offload the cargo. The doors are full height doors, so the whole of the confiner can be used for storage. It is not like trying to load items into a room in the house the whole door opens allowing great access.

What are the benefits of 10 feet shipping containers for sale?

Economical in space. If you need a secure storage of your cargo but lack the space to for a 20ft shipping container, a 10 feet shipping container maybe ideal. At Squaredblue we have a large stock of 10ft and 20ft shipping containers.

Durability. All the shipping containers for sale at Squared Blue are made of corten steel that not only has great strength and durability it also ensures security.

Flexibility. Our 10ft shipping containers for sale allows you to use them in different ways. In addition to using them for storage in the United Kingdom, the containers can also be used for export. This is because our 10ft shipping containers are fully CSC plated making them water and wind proof. This quality ensures that our containers comply with the requirements laid down in export legislation.

Portability. The portability is an enormous benefit for the business people intending to use the containers to move goods using trucks. It is easy to stick a 10ft shipping container on a truck and save space on the truck as well as increase the volume of goods transported.

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How do I place an order for 10 feet shipping container?

Squared Blue Company have qualified staff that will advise you on the best shipping containers for you please just give us a call on 07903 3190530.

How will I acquire my 10 feet container?

Our 10ft shipping containers for sale are delivered to you within seven days. All our containers are delivered by Hi Ab. This ensures that you can either collect the container from our depot or receive them within seven working days. We are determined to make sure that you get the containers within the shortest time possible. Consequently, we have established an extensive network of depots from where we distribute all our shipping containers for sale as well as the storage containers. Alternatively, the containers can be picked from our stations using personal transport provided that it has twist locks.

The introduction of 10ft shipping containers has revolutionized the shipping and transport industry. It has increased efficacy in container transport by rail, road, and air. The demand for these containers is on the rise because of the growing cargo business worldwide. Our 10 feet shipping containers can be customized to suit your needs. This may involve

  • The addition of side doors for easier access to the goods
  • Installation of air vents to prevent condensation in the container
  • Installation of security doors as well as windows


Multiple Colours Available

Lockbox Available

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